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Every day, scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Israel pursue breakthroughs in cancer research, brain and neural science, technology, education, medicine, and protecting our planet. A Charitable Gift Annuity gives you the opportunity to partner with our scientists to make remarkable discoveries possible while you receive payments for life and significant tax benefits. W E I Z M A N N U S A . O R G To start experiencing these rewards, call 212.895.7941 or email legacy@acwis.org Charitable Gift Annuity Rates* * Illustration only. Seek your own legal and tax advice to determine the consequences of your gift. NY rates may differ. Age 65 4.8% Age 75 6.0% Age 85 8.1% Age 70 5.3% Age 80 7.0% Age 90 9.1% Example: Give $25,000 at age 80 and get $1,750/year (7.0%) for the rest of your life. Rates are better than ever – now is the time to take advantage! Partner with our scientists to solve humanity’s most difficult challenges. And get year-end tax benefits, too!
Phone: (954) 964-8071
Email: cpp@acwis.org
Website: http://weizmann-usa.org

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