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Give Jewishly, please

Emilie Socash

Admittedly, Hanukkah is not inherently a gift-giving holiday. We can debate on the merits of gift-giving at this festive time of year (“It’s nice to give gifts to others”) or the detriments (“It’s not Jewish Christmas!”), but regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, I have one simple request of you.

This Hanukkah, please give Jewishly.

Head over to the Federation’s website ( to check out how far your gift can go. (Ready to commit? You can call me on my direct line at (727) 333-3101 or email me at to let me know I can count on you. I’ll even thank you in my next column, if you like!)

If any of the following ring true for you, please give a gift to our Federation.

If you like receiving the Jewish Press, please give.

If you like Israel Independence Day, please give.

If you like helping young Ethiopian Israelis live their best lives, please give.

If you like the Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival, please give.

If you like knowing we’re there to coordinate more positive Israel messages with our local media, please give.

If you like our school-aged kids to have a Jewish summer camp experience, please give.

If you like our Holocaust survivors being in good hands, please give.

If you like seeing Jewish art exhibits like “Humans of Tel Aviv” or “Israeli Wonder Women,” please give.

If you like supporting creative ventures in Israel, such as the food reclamation program Leket, please give.

If you like sending the next generation to Israel, please give.

If you like getting our weekly all-things- Jewish email, please give.

If you like knowing you have a direct line to the Anti Defamation League, please give.

If you like enriching our area’s police officers’ training with tolerance awareness programs at the Florida Holocaust Museum, please give.

If you like having an open channel to information and up-to-the-minute needs in Israel, please give.

If you like ensuring our Jewish elderly have Shabbat dinners, fun social programs, and sensitive care at Menorah Manor and Philip Benjamin Tower, please give.

If you like changing young Jewish lives through Birthright Israel, the Young Adult Division, and MASA Israel, please give.

If you like recognizing the commitment of leadership in our community with the Sonya Miller Women of Distinction program, please give.

If you like reading this column, please give.

This year, the Federation team is intent on welcoming 200 new donors to our roster. These new donors may be new to the area or just new to us; maybe it’s someone who gave in the past but has lapsed; maybe it’s someone who has been meaning to get around to it but just hasn’t. Regardless of the reason for the “newness,” we’re focused on expanding our supportive list of donors so that we can engage even more people in the great work of the Federation.

I don’t often use this column space to advocate so directly for a gift to the Federation, but during this time of year when we’re thinking of others, I felt it my sacred duty to do so not simply as our Federation’s executive, but as a 14-year Federation donor. Whether your gift is $18 this year, or $18 per month, or $1,800 or more, your gift is a vote for our organized community, for our strong future, for our inseparable tie to Israel and her people. It’s a way to raise your hand and say “I believe in Jewish life, in whatever form it may take.”

Please, as you and your loved ones live Jewishly to whatever degree is right for you, please also give Jewishly.

Liked it? Loathed it? Want to react? I would welcome your feedback and can be reached at

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