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Mor About Israel

Israel Shlicha [Emissary]

Q: Before coming to Florida, had you previously traveled abroad?

A: In Israel we dream of traveling abroad all the time and we dream big. It starts right after we finish our army service. Some will say that the planning and the thoughts about that trip is what kept them sane and what they were holding on to throughout those two - three years of service. Countless hours in the watch towers and security tours where we focused entirely on the situation at the time are difficult. The need to let our thoughts wander to exotic, beautiful and remote places is great, so we plan our travel.

We have a lot of options to choose from, some of the most popular destinations are South America, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia. It all depends on your personal preferences, budget and your friends, since most Israelis travel in groups. These trips are long. Three month trips are the shortest and sometimes we travel for an entire year. The trip I took was to Southeast Asia.

Yael Mor in Nepal Yael Mor in Nepal Q: What about what we call “staycations”?

A: Travel within the Promised Land has a lot to offer as well. For their big trip after army service, there are those who choose to travel the Golan Heights or the Galilee. When traveling in the Golan Heights or the Galilee one might go rafting in the Jordan River, enjoy water adventures in the vast supply of streams and rivers, go horseback riding through the wilderness, or even take an ATV (all terrain vehicle) excursion. Some choose to hike the length of the Israel Trail, an approximately three-month journey from the north of Israel at Mount Hermon (where you might ski in the winter) all the way south to Eliat (where you might go snorkeling or scuba diving in the Red Sea).

Q: Where else do Israelis like to vacation?

A: After coming back from several months of travel, you now have that “traveling bug.” At least one week of the year is reserved for this purpose. But the destinations are now different, closer to home. Since the Open Skies agreement between Israel and the Europe Union (2013), flights to nearby countries like Greece, Bulgaria and Georgia to name a few, are cheaper and more accessible.

Every year the number of Israelis traveling abroad increases and the root of that is in a big group of people who feel that they just want to seize the moment and live life to its fullest. There is this magic in breaking away from everything and traveling to a different country. That feeling of getting on an airplane and just leaving all your worries behind for this amount of time, sometimes with an open ticket knowing that you are on your way to one destination and someday, when you decide to return, it will probably be from a completely different destination, perhaps from a different continent.

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