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2017-02-24 digital edition

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Reader: Stories convey false notion President Trump is anti-Semitic

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Your publication is perpetuating the complete lie that President Trump is an anti-Semite, and I must object.

Your leftist slant on all things political has bothered me for years, yet I continued to (try) to read your publication. But in the most recent edition, prominently displayed on the front page above the fold, are two blurbs – both falsely disparaging Trump as an anti-Semite – without a whiff of intellectually honest editing to shine light on the truth.

Both articles falsely celebrate the complete lie that Trump is an anti-Semite. This must come as quite a surprise to his daughter and son-in-law, both of whom are Orthodox Jews!

So, Trump highly values, and acts on, input from his Orthodox Jewish children, but he is an anti- Semite. Really? Even worse, he is simultaneously criticized for allowing his Jewish son-in-law to influence his decision making or be involved in advising his administration.

If you had merely added some truthful observation to the blurbs, then you would have at least done your editorial job satisfactially; for example: when you “quote” that a person cleaning swastikas from the NY subway said “I guess this is Trump’s America,” you could have pointed out how ironic such a statement is considering Trump’s familial relations with and fondness of Jews and Israel.

But then, that would beg the question as to why you did not spend much ink on President Obama’s frosty relationship with Israel and the Jewish people. It seems you have already dedicated more space propagating the lie that Trump is an anti-Semite in one month than you did critiquing Obama’s anti-Israel stance for over eight years.

Please do not try to deflect the real issue by claiming that “hate” has suddenly increased with President Trump’s election. We just went through eight years of intensely increased hate and racial tension sparked by erroneous and purposefully agitating comments by President Obama (see his enflaming statements on false episodes such as “Hands up, Don’t Shoot,” the ”Cambridge police acted stupidly” and “Trayvon Martin could have been my son,” etc., etc.).

Another lie is that anti-Muslim hate crimes have suddenly and sharply increased with Trump’s election, which is false. In reality Muslim sympathy has improved.

Your publication could help end these lies by simply stating the truth: Trump is not an anti-Semite; he loves Israel, the Jewish people and has an Orthodox Jewish daughter and son-in-law.

Isn’t it significant that our new President has more close familial ties to Jews than any president in history? Doesn’t this warrant more of your publication’s attention and acknowledgment? Or let’s just face it: this truth does not align with your political agenda.

The fact is, Trump loves Israel and the Jewish people, especially more than our prior president. You are dishonestly shelving and burying this fact, insinuating and aiding the lie that Mr. Trump is an anti-Semite. Shame on you.

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Fuchs

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