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2017-02-24 digital edition

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February 24, 2017  RSS feed

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President is not anti-immigrant, he is anti-terrorist

Dear Editor:

The last issue of the Jewish Press featured two articles describing hysteria over Trump’s immigration order. The front-page story reported that 19 rabbis were arrested during a protest near Trump tower. (Question: If 19 rabbis were dropped in any of the seven countries, how many minutes would they survive?). The second was a letter-to-the editor that compared Trump’s executive order to denying Jewish refugees entry during the Holocaust. Both pieces suggested the motivation behind Trump’s plan is pure racism and xenophobia.

Have Americans forgotten we are the most immigration friendly country in the world? We accept roughly one million immigrants a year, which is more than double the next best country. Trump has done business in Muslim countries for decades, so how is he suddenly racist? Is it too hard to understand the seven countries affected by a temporary ban (Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syrian, Iraq, & Iran) are failed states with little or no functioning government, or hostile to the U.S.? When a U.S. border official tries to verify a person’s identity, no one is there to answer the phone. No cooperative criminal or state departments exist in these countries, which are hotbeds of terrorism. Somehow this is lost on those who claim the Trump Administration is despicable and xenophobic.

Remarkably, the author of the letter claims a travel ban is unnecessary because the New York Times reported on Feb. 5: “ISIS no longer has to export terrorists trained in Syria or any other of its bastions to commit heinous acts. It can recruit disaffected citizens of the United States and elsewhere without their having to leave their native country.” Wow, that’s a relief! Somebody please tell the President because this news could save us billions in border enforcement.

This made me think of another country that deals with daily terrorist threats. I wonder if the 19 rabbis would also protest Eretz Yisrael over their strict immigration policies.

Noah Jacobson

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