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2016-10-07 digital edition

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Why Jews should vote for Trump

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

In my parents and grandparents day, all Jews voted for Democrats. The Democrats helped the poor and downtrodden while the Republicans helped the rich and powerful ... or so we all felt. However, today’s liberal Democratic party is very different, although sadly, many Reform and Conservative Jews have not awoken to that fact. You only need to look around at what’s happening on our liberal college campuses where anti-Israel, anti-Zionism, and anti-Semitism activities are commonplace. Israel is now regularly demonized and a sharp correlation can be tracked between how liberal the organization and how anti-Israel it is likely to be. Anti-Israel sentiment has become the new age anti-Semitism hidden under the cloak of freedom of political expression.

Look at our own local college campus, USF, whose student government earlier this year overwhelming (sic) voted to demand the USF Foundation boycott Israeli companies. Today, the USF student government membership reads like the roster of the Arab League while Jewish students are regularly harassed on campus. It’s not “politically correct” to admonish the Arab and Muslim students for exercising their “political views,” and rabbis associated with USF will tell you it’s not easy for active Jewish students going to USF.

Current liberal and ultra-liberal presidential platforms range from the familiar “Israel has a right to exist” to Israel is an occupier and U.S. aid should be cut off until Israel returns to its pre-1967 boundaries. Just look at the terrible Iran deal pushed through Congress by Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats that Israel tried so hard to stop. In summation the more liberal we continue to lean, the less likely Israel can rely on us in the future and the less likely we’ll be willing to take a stand against the growth of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment here at home.

It’s time for Jews to wake up! This is not your parents’ Democratic party any longer. We need to vote with the GOP that unconditionally supports Israel and will not turn a blind eye on the liberals’ acceptance of the growing anti-Semitism thriving in our country.

Sheldon Wolf

Editor’s Note: The ultra-liberal presidential platform the writer is referring to is the Green Party.

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