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Reader thinks reporter went too far in BDS story

Dear Editor:

I read the article by Ron Kampeas (JTA news service) about anti-BDS laws going too far, and I agree we must protect the rights of those we disagree with, regardless of how distasteful their opinions may be. There’s reasonable debate over proper application of law to fight boycotters, but Ron seems to find controversy over what should be common sense to everyone except a member of Hamas or Fatah. Is the American Jewish body politic really “still reeling from the contentious debate last year over the Iran nuclear deal,” as Mr. Kampeas claims? Are American Jews deeply divided over the right of Israel to settle or secure lands it earned after surviving an unprovoked attack 49 years ago? It’s impossible to explain the immense difficulty in protecting a country one-third the size of Florida, not to mention the inhabitants of these “disputed territories” electing known terrorist groups and never satisfied until Israel is eliminated.

Ron Kampeas assumes the majority of American Jews are hand-wringing themselves over these “contentious” issues. But where’s any evidence that American Jews are deeply divided? Does Ron believe the recent wave of brutal knife attacks would stop if Israel gave up more land or voiced support over Iran’s nuke program? I’m accustomed to the liberal media’s bias against Israel, but why are such assumptions being proffered by a writer from the JTA? It seems like Ron’s sentiments are more aligned with Al Jazeera than readers of the Jewish Press.

Noah Jacobson, Tampa

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